What is Big Data Analytics?

The definition of big data holds the key to understanding big data analysis. Like conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions, big data mining and analytics helps uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful business information. According to the Gartner IT Glossary, big data is high-volume, high-velocity, and high variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

The three main important characteristics which define the use are the Data Source from which the data is coming, the Speed in which the processing needs to take place and the Type of data.

In order to process these huge data the storage medium and the method of storage plays an important role. Big Data provides a more convenient way in this process of storing data by using light-weight document databases, A high performance Eco-System and Cutting-Edge viewing techniques.

It would be a boon to the various Health-Care, Banking,Stock-Exchange and the Manufacturing industries.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics Tools

Big Data helps in development of Client Business in the following manner

CUTTING COST: Big Data uses Technologies like Python Script ,Scala and Java which are all Opensource and can be procured without any cost. The Hadoop environment is built over the Opensource Technologies of Python. The Data Storage module of Big Data uses Mongo which is another  Opensource media for storing data. The advantage of these Technologies is that we can integrate our legacy data easily into these databases and pump data back as well.

EXPLORING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: The ultimate benefit of such analytics tools is we can explore new business strategies by analyzing the data patterns. This is the niche followed by major Telecom Companies and that is why Big Data is a boon to them since there is huge amount of data being generated.

And the major advantage is it is Robust, Scalable multi-fold times and since we get the mined information faster, we can take decisions quickly and easily.

Big Data in Action

Big data analytics helps analyze cross-industry data. Major parties for this would be where huge amount of data is generated in a very short span of time. They are Financial Institutions especially the Stock Exchange where data validity changes in a sliding manner. Now this requires continuous and quick analysis so that Stock Exchange brokers can predict the future selling price and provide accurate advice to their customers. The healthcare industry is an another industry where huge information is generated in quick span of time. Example would be the heartrate machine which continuously monitors the patient’s heartbeat. Not only this, it would also help doctors in maintaining patient records. Telecommunications companies are the major user of the Big Data Analytics because they need to analyze data patterns to take a suitable decision on their prices.  Online Portals like Walmart use Big Data analytics to provide the necessary offers to customers.

How we can Help

Many different types of solutions are required to support the wide range of big data use cases. From simple spreadsheets to advanced analytics and marketing solutions to analytics engines, Srivasini Infotech provides effortless integration to centrally analyze your data all in one spot.

SPREADSHEETS ANALYZER: Through ODBC connectors, we provide a way to integrate Microsoft Excel, Access and other tools from leading products such as Tableau etc.. This would help even Non-Tech users to analyze data.

DATA PROCESSING TOOLS: We provide solutions which can integrate multiple Data Source which are Relational and Non-Relational. This would help our customers to organize data and view different patterns of reports in one single place. The results could be output to any technology

SOCIAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS: We can integrate with different Online Marketing tools like Omniture and Google Analytics which would help us to analyze how our websites are being visited.

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