Microsoft Technologies

We develop rich web and Windows applications and sophisticated distributed Services for our clients. Our experienced .NET developers build highly Scalable,Robust and Maintable applications using C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, WPF or WinForms.

Our Offerings

Microsoft Application Development & Product Customization

We develop Applications using the Microsoft Technologies for our clients, helping them develop rich business applications with any data source. We also provide Integration services so that clients can integrate their legacy systems with the Modern Cutting – Edge Technologies.

SharePoint Application Development

We help clients build CMS solution using Sharepoint to specifically meet the Client needs.

We provide solutions using both CMS (Content Management System) and Document Management System, yielding a wide range of applications for internal portals, BI, workflow, and enterprise social network.

.NET Application Development

We follow Agile Methodology of Software Development so that our requirements could be easily organized and the working copy of the software could be provided to the client always. This also provides relief to the Client as they would know what they are going to get at each stage of Software Development.

We also deliver Cross Platform .NET application. We embrace the concept of Continuous Integration (CI) which helps us deliver applications in time to the customer.

Xamarin App Development

We understand that Mobile apps are the need of the hour for any customer to increase the scope of their market. Our expertise in Xamarin, an open source cross-platform mobile development framework from Microsoft, helps build Mobile Applications faster and easier so that any changes could be integrated immediatly.

We also use opensource tools for building responsive mobile apps , giving the end-customer a great digital experience.

Application Migration

We provide integration services to our clients using both Microsoft and Opensource technologies so that our Clients can integrate their legacy systems with the new technologies so that their existing systems are not disturbed in any way

Collaboration and Communication with SharePoint Development

We collaborate data from different sources through CMS or other Integration Systems of the Microsoft Sharepoint Technology so that the Clients can easily maintain their data,

Our Clients

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