Rainbow Design Services

One good news from my end, so thought of sharing with you all. I got placed in a company "Rainbow Design Services" in Louisville, Kentucky as a Web Application Developer. Its almost 3 months since I started working as a full time employee here. Work is going good. A big thanks to you. All that I learnt from you is helping me so much everyday. Hope your family is doing good.
- Agalya

good job in Newyork

I too have a good job in Newyork. The training from Srivasini Infotech was really helpful in the process.
- Rakesh

very helpful to create a base for us

I agree with Agalya, what Srivatsan taught us was very helpful to create a base for us. I also want to share good news with you guys. I am working as a full stack software engineer at a startup in Madison, Wisconsin.
- Aashish

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